Malte Lierl, Principal Investigator

Research Fellow, German Institute of Global and Area Studies (GIGA)

Malte Lierl is an expert on local-level governance in developing countries, policy innovation and experimentation, and field-based behavioral research. He is a political scientist and development economist and holds a Ph.D. from Yale University. As principal investigator (PI), he is responsible for  the conception, design and analysis of REGLAB experiments, methodology, quality control, and coordination of publications and scholarly outputs. [Personal Research Website]

Marcus Holmlund, Co-Principal Investigator

Economist, World Bank

Marcus Holmlund is an economist at the World Bank’s Impact Evaluation Unit (DECIE). Together with the PI, he contributes to research design, analysis and writing. He takes the lead on managing the collaboration with our government partners, outreach to stakeholders, as well as the global and local dissemination of findings for policy audiences. Additionally, he is responsible for grant management, implementation oversight, government and institutional contacts.

Oulla André Ouattara, Government Partner

Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, PACT

Oulla André Ouattara is the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at Burkina Faso’s Territorial Collectivities Support Program (Programme d’appui aux collectivités territoriales, PACT). He has been spearheading policy innovation and evidence-based program design at the PACT for the past five years.

Benjamin Sawadogo, Government Partner

Focal Point for Innovative Approaches, PACT

Benjamin Sawadogo is the focal point for innovative approaches at Burkina Faso’s Territorial Collectivities Support Program (Programme d’appui aux collectivités territoriales, PACT). He has been coordinating the implementation of REGLAB’s experimental interventions since 2014, cooperating with a wide range of government and civil society stakeholders.

Sidiki Soubeiga, Doctoral Fellow

Ph.D. Student, University of Passau

Sidiki Soubeiga is a doctoral student in development economics at the University of Passau, Germany. He holds a master’s degree in Economics from the University of Ouagadougou and has worked as a consultant for the World Bank. Prior to taking up his Ph.D. studies, he served as field coordinator for REGLAB. He continues to be actively involved in local governance research in Burkina Faso.


Felipe Dunsch, Research Management

Consultant, World Bank and Ph.D. Student, University of Hamburg

Felipe Dunsch is a consultant at the World Bank’s Impact Evaluation Unit (DECIE). He is a specialist in implementing large scale randomized-controlled trials (RCTs). His responsibilities include the management of research grants and field activities, liaison with collaboration partners, as well as the coordination and dissemination of knowledge products, such as policy reports and data sets.

Lars Nordgreen, Research Intern

Graduate Student, Toulouse School of Economics

Lars Nordgreen is a graduate student in Econometrics at the Toulouse School of Economics. He has been a research intern with REGLAB since 2017 and has worked with the REGLAB team in New Haven, Washington and Ouagadougou. As research intern, he contributes to data analysis, data management and data collection activities.

Sékou Koné, Field Coordinator

Consultant, World Bank Burkina Faso

Based at the World Bank’s country office in Ouagadougou, Sékou Koné has been working as field coordinator for REGLAB since 2017. He works closely with government partners to facilitate the implementation of experimental interventions and data collection activities.